1.8% daily ETH rewards | immutable smart contract | participate and earn


Low Yielding Percentage

1.8% is the ideal percentage that is realistic and will help the contract to grow slow and steady overtime. Any Percentage that is higher is more risky. One-Eight is created for longevity and the dedicated player who would like to minimize risk.

Smart Contract

the One-Eight smart contract is automatic. No humans, immutable and trustless. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain which is secure. A truly decentralized way to earn Ethereum everyday.

Contributors Fund

Your contribution to this fund is what keeps the smart contract active. As more and more players contribute to the fund it grows and the platform becomes more secure. The Contributors fund is also backed by our sponsors. This gives it an added safety net of outside funds.

How to Play

To play make sure you first have Nifty wallet or Trust Wallet on mobile set-up. Then you simply contribute the amount of Ether you want to the contributors fund. By contributing to the fund you become a part of the project forever. You will begin to earn 1.8% ETHH everyday based on your contribution.

You can take out your Ether or re-contribute your earnings.

Be a PAL Share

Earn more when you invite friends to join. You will receive a 2.5% commission of their contribution when they use your PAL.

Watch the Video for an Overview

Contribution Fund

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Participant Dashboard

Give to the Contributors Fund

Minimum to enter contract is .05 ETH
the community appreciates your contribution.
Your contribution keeps one-eight active.

Your Active Contribution

NOTE: When you add to your active contribution your daily rewards will reset to 0, Withdraw or re-contribute before doing so. To keep your daily reward WITHDRAW FIRST than Add your new contribution. If you DO NOT YOU WILL LOSE your earned daily rewards.
If your numbers are not showing please make sure that you are signed-in to your Nifty account or metamask. Also please clear cache and reload page as needed.

Your Daily ETH Reward


You can withdraw or re-contribute your earnings any time.
The contribution fund is depenedent on its contributors. If the contribution fund is depleted the project cannot give to its contributors. The recommended growth strategy for the project is to re-contibute and HODL 30 days than withdraw half and re-contribute half till your ROI is covered.

Share your PAL (Partner Affiliate Link)

by sharing your PAL with a pal you will earn 2.5% Appreciation Reward on their contribution.
IF you do not see your referral link make sure your Nifty Mask is connected or clear cache and refresh web browser.

share your PAL

Your PAL BONUS may take a moment to update. If you do not see your PAL link please clear your cache and refresh page.

Status Details

Check contract health and details. Transactions will open up in and Smart Contract opens on Etherscan.

Clicking above will open new window. This page will remain open.

Contributed to Contract: 33.2642 ETH
Paid Out to Contributors: 17.8536 ETH
Unique Contributors: 42 (as of 01/10)

Contributed and Paid out stats are updated daily and may not match the transactions page. Last Update: 2019-01-10 19:34 JST

Get Started

Getting started is simple. First set up Nifty Wallet or Trust Wallet. After you have set-up your wallet, you can use Changelly to purchase ETH with a credit card or use CoinsSwitch to convert any ALT coint to ETH. Simple.

Don't Have Ethereum?
Get Some from Changelly. (Pop Up Window Will Open)
Convert any Alt Coint to Ethereum and send it straight to your Nifty Wallet. Use Coinswitch.
We prefer Trust Wallet on Mobile and Nifty Wallet on Desktop. Please set these up accordingly.

Go Shopping with One-Eight


We love to fly and you should too. 50% of the affiliate bounty will go to the one-eight contribution fund.

Trezor One

50% of the affiliate commission goes back into the contribution fund. Secure your crypto, support one-eight

Support One-Eight by wearing Swag

We are teaming up with the Blazen Tokyo Store to sell T-shirts to fund this project. 50% of all T-shirt sales will be used to fund the contribution pot and to keep it active. Think of it as a unique way to crowndfund.

Get your "be one-eight" t-Shirt. This link will open store.

Shop with Your Crypto with BigCoin Almost ANYWHERE online

One-Eight is an affiliate of BigCoin. 50% revenue sharing from BigCoin will go to growing the one-eight contributor fund.

You can use BigCoin to pay with cryptocurrency at online retailers like Amazon, eBay or any other favorite online store.

Get things you wish - flights, hotels, vehicles, rentals, online subscriptions, simply spend your crypto on anything you want!

Shop With Your Crypto Anywhere NOW and Build one-eight contributor fund.

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Games Games Games

Games you can play, have fun and grow one-eight at the same time. Enjoy.

one-eight is now an affiliate with the This partnership will further secure our contribution fund.

By using our affiliate link 50% of the commission will be set aside for the one-eight contribution fund. Also land will be purchased and one-eight's land ownership in the game will increase over time earning a Higher Empire Score. 50% on these earnings will also be rolled back into the one-eight contribution fund.

Simply use our affiliate link. Play the game. And help grow and secure one-eight’s contribution fund.

Please Make sure you are using metamask or nifty wallet to play. Cipher on Mobile


How does the contribution fund work?

Contribution fund is a pool that collects all ETH played in the game. It than divides it out as daily rewards at 1.8% daily on the amount a player contributed. All transactions happen instantly on the blockchain. From the moment you contribute the timer starts and you start earning interest immediately.

What if there are no funds in the Contribution Fund?

If there are no funds in the contribution fund the game will pause until it is replenished. One-eight has a sponsorship from Blazen Tokyo that will generate profit from all sales and cushion the contribution fund similar to a bank roll.

What makes this game any different than other similar lending platforms?

One-eight has a lower interest rate for more stable and realistic gains. A higher percentage is more risky. The lower interest secures a longer and safe game. One-eight will go through the new year and beyond.
With our unique sponsorship we can also assure you that we are in this for the very long foreseeable future.

Our unique sponsorship is with Blazen Tokyo. 50% of profit from sales will be set-aside to back the smart contract similar to a bank roll.

What if the website goes down?

You can interact with the smart contract always because it is forever on the blockchain. Please make a copy of the Smart Contract address as a back-up (0x03b7945808Bb97307F31a311f2C9D3fce3d49a1c). You can continue interact and earn even if there is no website.

How to interact with smart contract without a website. How to interact.

Are there any guarantees?

There are no guarantees or promises. However, connect with our active community. Share the project or work with our sponsor. You get 2.5% by sharing your PAL. Be an active contributor and you will be successful.

What is the best strategy?

The best strategy is to re-contribute your first 30days. Than after 30 days, withdraw your earnings till you have made back your ROI. Than from stage 3 start earning profit.

This is an ideal recommended strategy. You are welcome to improve upon it. We also encourage you to share your strategy in the discord so all players can benefit. Please user our Rewards Calculator to plan an even better strategy.

Stage 1 slow and steady
First 30 days
.05 to .077

Stage 2
Next 36 days
Make back your RO1

Stage 3 in Profit
Next 30 days
Compound weekly
Withdraw once a week

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